Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ambassador Program

PCFA National Ambassador Program is a free education program that provides information about prostate cancer awareness.

The program features trained speakers who specialise in engaging workplaces, community groups and other organisations about the importance of prostate cancer awareness. They also highlight the resources available from PCFA to those affected by prostate cancer.

There are over 100 trained PCFA Ambassadors available around the country, in both regional and metropolitan areas.

The program was revamped in late 2012 with updated presentations focusing on prevention and early detection, treatment options and challenges and necessary knowledge for partners and carers of men diagnosed with the disease. Each presentation runs for approximately twenty minutes, with additional time allotted for questions.

PCFA Ambassadors are prostate cancer survivors, carers and partners of someone who had prostate cancer and supporters of PCFA.  Ambassadors often include elements of their own personal experience with prostate cancer to add meaning and impact to their talks.

The Ambassador program is part of PCFA’s commitment to improving prostate cancer support and services in communities across Australia. All presentations have been reviewed by both a consumer and medical expert advisory panel, ensuring the content is factual and relevant.

 To find out more about the PCFA Ambassador Program email: or Freecall : 1800 22 00 99.


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